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Quania is setting high standards prior to allowing people to join their team. It’s not that we want to be pompous. It’s simply because we want to offer our customer the added value and quality they deserve and pay for. If we don’t have the proper person available in our team or we are not able to find him or her in our broad network in due time, we rather tell our customer honestly that we are not able to step into the consulting mission.

Therefore, before applying to join our team, it’s important that you can answer YES to all of the 3 questions below:

  • Are you fully comfortable and compliant with the mission & the values of Quania?
  • Do you have experience in both management consultancy and CxO position(s)?
  • Are you able to deliver one or more services outlined on our website?

We look forward working with you!

You can upload your cv (pdf) here.

CV (pdf)

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